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You’ve been tasked as caretaker of an abandoned island — as you decorate and rebuild it over time, curious (but adorable!) visitors start to appear…

Usagi Shima『うさぎしま』is a casual, relaxing bunny collecting game developed with Godot Engine and drawn in Krita.

It is heavily inspired by cute, soothing games like Neko Atsume and Animal Crossing. The game’s namesake and setting draws inspiration from Ōkunoshima (大久野島), a real island in Japan that has a lot of bunny inhabitants!

Buy toys and and build structures on an abandoned island to entice curious bun tourists to pay you a visit!

Discover, take photos, and even befriend a variety of bunnies that visit based on how you’ve decorated and arranged the island!

Usagi Shima is expected to release on September 1st on Google Play and the App Store!

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