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Game Name: Usagi Shima (Japanese: うさぎしま, Chinese: 兔兔島)
Developer: pank0 (aka Jess Yu)
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: September 1st, 2023 (iOS and Android, PC TBA)
Platforms: Google Play, App Store, Steam (Windows, MacOS, Linux)


Contact: jess at usagishima dot net


Usagi Shima『うさぎしま』is a relaxing, idle bunny collecting game developed by solo developer pank0 (aka Jess Yu). You’ve been tasked as caretaker of an abandoned island — as you decorate it over time, curious (but adorable!) bunny visitors start to appear! Buy toys, plants, and build structures on an abandoned island to entice curious bun tourists to pay your island a visit. Discover, take photos, and make friends with a variety of bunnies that visit based on how you’ve decorated and arranged the island.

Usagi Shima is heavily inspired by cute, soothing games like Neko Atsume and Animal Crossing. The game’s namesake and setting draws inspiration from Ōkunoshima (大久野島), a real island in Japan that has a lot of bunny inhabitants!


Inspired by her childhood love of rabbits and pet simulator games, Usagi Shima started out as Jess’s passion project that she’d work on evenings and weekends while juggling a full time job as a Software Developer. Usagi Shima was born out of a love of cute, calming games where the player can take respite from their hectic day-to-day lives. Heartened by the overwhelmingly positive response from social media and the people around her, Jess ultimately decided to leave her job to pursue full-time work on Usagi Shima and dedicate time to bringing her dream bunny game to life.


  • Discover and record 30+ rabbits with unique looks and features!
  • Over 100 items to decorate with, some even interactive!
  • Hand-drawn and traditionally animated art style
  • Pet and engage with a variety of activities with the bunnies to build friendship
  • Receive keepsakes from bunnies you’ve become best friends with, and even invite them to stay on your island.
  • Synced with real time, experience the island ambience matching your time of day
  • Relaxing idle gameplay – no time limits, no stress, enjoy the ambience and play at your own pace!

Gameplay Trailer

Usagi Shima’s release date trailer premiered at Wholesome Direct 2023!

Usagi Shima premiered its first-ever gameplay trailer at Wholesome Direct 2022!

Usagi Shima was featured in asobu INDIE SHOWCASE 2022!


Key Art