How do I delete my game data?

Usagi Shima does not track player data itself, however by serving non-personalized ads and incorporating SDKs that, for example, perform analytics, or keep track of user milestones like achievements, there are pieces of user data that gets passed along to these third parties. This page describes how you can delete that data.

  1. How do I delete my achievements?

    Google Play (Android): Follow the instructions as described here to delete your Google Play Games data for a specific game. This will erase your Google Play achievements.

    GameCenter (iOS): As of this writing, there is no known way to erase GameCenter achievements without developer intervention. Please email the developer at support at this domain with the subject “GameCenter Achievements Deletion” and I’ll give you instructions on how to reset your GameCenter achievements.

  2. How do I delete my cloud save data?

    Google Play (Android): Log into your account on Google Drive and go to Settings >> Manage Apps. Find Usagi Shima in the list of apps and click on “Delete hidden app data”. This should erase your Google Play cloud saves.

    iCloud (iOS): Go to the Settings menu in the game and tap on “Delete cloud save”. This should erase your iCloud game save data.

  3. How do I delete/reset my advertising ID/IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers)?

    Android: You can find the instructions to reset or delete the advertising ID for your Android device here.

    iOS: Usagi Shima does not collect nor make use of Apple’s IDFA.