Usagi Shima is NOT a pet simulation game and the behaviors in the game are fictional. Therefore you should not emulate any activity in the game while caring for a real rabbit!

UPDATE (SEPT 4, 2023): Google is limiting sign-ins for my app!! This is why sign-ins are not working right now! I have been trying all weekend to get Google to respond to me but no luck. I’m deeply sorry and I hope Google stops limiting my app so that you can all use cloud save again. I’ll update here when it’s fixed.

Can I play Usagi Shima on multiple devices?

Right now, Usagi Shima can only be played on one device at a time!

Currently Usagi Shima supports a rudimentary cloud save/restore feature that allows you to restore your old progress on your new device. It however does not support syncing when you play on multiple devices simultaneously (bad things will happen!).

For example, you cannot switch back and forth playing between your iPhone and iPad, this will cause the cloud saves to overwrite each other and your island progress will not be up-to-date.

Cloud Save is meant to restore your progress on a new device, and for you to keep playing on the new device.

In the future, I hope to support playing on multiple devices!


I’m having trouble navigating my island at night (slow, FPS drops). What can I do to fix it?

Depending on the specs of your Android phone, it’s possible to encounter performance issues involving lanterns on your island at night. A part of this is due to the way the game engine handles lighting, which would be improved in its next major release. As a current workaround, try enabling Daytime Only mode in the Settings menu. If you still encounter issues, please send an email to support at this domain.


My Cloud Save didn’t load!

Occasionally, depending on your connection speed, the cloud save can take too long to load and the game load will progress further without waiting for it. Please close the game and re-try loading the cloud save. If you had already passed the tutorial, you must clear your game’s storage to trigger the cloud save menu to pop up again when you start the game.


I know I have cloud saves, but the game shows me “There are no saved games at this time”.

Please try clicking on the refresh button at the top right corner of the Cloud Save menu. Sometimes it takes another try or two to fetch the cloud saves.


How do I delete my Google Play cloud saves?

Make sure you have the Google Play Games app on your device and follow the instructions here.


How do I delete my Google Play data?

Follow the answer to #2. This will erase your achievements and cloud saves.


I can’t seem to sign into Google Play Services in the game.

Try clearing Usagi Shima’s app cache and restarting the game to see if it fixes the Google Play sign-in issue.

Does Usagi Shima support time traveling?

Time Traveling is NOT supported. If you do so, you do it at your own risk. While the game has been tested to handle simple cases of time traveling (i.e., if you are traveling to a different time zone), the game is not designed nor tested to handle repeated time traveling and it may result in crashes, data inconsistencies, and problems with third party services like Google and iCloud.

Does Cloud Save save my photos?

No, Cloud Save does not save photos. It only saves your island progress, inventory, and bunny stats.

How can I request my data be deleted?

Please see this page for instructions.